quinta-feira, 12 de abril de 2012

JMeter - Changing sample label/name at runtime

When creating jmeter's test plans, sometimes its useful to change the samples names in order to have more accurate and meaningful reports. To achieve this I normally use one of these two approaches:

Using variables (placeholders) in the sampler name

If the variables you need to form the new sample name are already available just fill the the name's text field using the syntax ${variable name}.
The only problem with this approach is that the name shown in test plan tree (left panel) might end up being not so intuitive.

Dynamically setting it in BSF Post Processors

Just use the variable prev (which gives access to the previous SampleResult) and use the method setSampleLabel to set the new label.
In the example below I'm using the value of another variable (named url) previously put in the vars object:

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